Gifts & Gift Vouchers

Forwarding a gift for you

We can forward a gift to any UK address and recipient on your behalf.

Note: Please be advised that your name and address will also be visible on the dispatch note as you are the customer you could have it gift wrapped and delivered to you or if local to our Exmouth store simply come along and pick it up.

Please check out our Delivery Information or the About My Order sections of the website.

Gift packaging

Tempus can gift wrap items for you before we dispatch them to you. Simply request this at Checkout and one off cost of £5 will be added to your total.

Gift Vouchers

We have a range of Gift Vouchers from £5 to £50 which you can purchase online or in-store these can only be exchanged when visiting the Exmouth
Store. This facility is aimed at the customers within striking distance of exmouth or who are planning a visit to Exmouth.