Choosing & Sizing a Ring

Choosing Your Ring

If you are looking for the perfect ring for your partner it may help to check out the type of jewellery they wear it may be that they like wear a modern
and contemporary style or possibly an older classic look. Some customers find it may desirable to wear a pre-owned or a vintage piece?

The cost of a ring will be dictated by a number of factors such as the gem stones used Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Amber and so on. The next cost consideration is the metal used in the ring, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Platinum and Silver.

Tempus have a wide choice and excellent selection of rings to offer you including a selection of preowned jewellery that has been cleaned and
refurbished where necessary ready for re-sale.

Bespoke designed rings are unique rings made special for you.

Tempus can design and manufacture your ring from your ideas and/or sketches We will ask you about your budget, this will give us a better idea of
the materials and design that we can present to you.

Next we will produce a detail design to show you how the ring will look before we go to manufacture.
When you have approved the design we would manufacture your ring(s) in our Exmouth workshop.

We would offer you the opportunity to come along
for a final fitting and make any minor adjustment to your ring(s).

Although bespoke design and manufacture is best suited to customers within striking distance of the Exmouth shop, We have accommodated customer requests for bespoke jewellery from a distance.

If you would like more information then please contact us by email or call us on 01395 270058

Sizing Your Ring

It is quite common for our customers to request a ring sizer before the make an important decision to purchase with us. Some of our customers know
their ring size and have had their finger checked elsewhere.

If you are unsure of your size and for your peace of mind we are able to forward you a ring sizer. The ring sizer we offer has full instructions on how to use it inside its package. At tempus we prefer not to use digital ring sizers or phone apps as the can often lead to misleading results and disappointment when you receive your order.

Simply fill in the form below and you will receive your ring sizer through the post within 3 to 6 days.

What happens if I have purchased a ring and it doesn’t fit?

We will send you out a ring sizer in the post, which should reach you in 3 to 6 days excluding Sundays and Bank holidays.

Please re-check your finger size.

At the same time we will email a Standard Delivery pre-paid returns postage label to you so you can post the ring back.

When we receive your ring we will check our files and the size of the ring(s) we have supplied to you. We will check for any errors on our part, and will also check for any damage or defects regarding the rings finish and any gem stone issues.

Dependent on the issues found from our investigation and from your comment and communications by email, we may contact you for more information, re size and return the ring, or send you a new replacement ring at a size confirmed by using the reference from the ring sizer supplied to you.

    We aim to respond to your enquiry within 2-3 working days.