Bespoke Design Service

Wether you wish something different and unique or if you would like to amalgamate a collection of inherited jewellery into a new design, Tempus The Jeweller is the place to come.

Our in-house specialist is trained to design and oversee the process from start to finish. We can help you design and create a bespoke piece for example, ring, wedding band, bangle or pendant. We can customize or re-design a piece of jewellery you already own.

we put value into the sentimentality of your jewellery that’s why we will always use the metal that comes with your item or any other extra amount of metal you supplied for the new bespoke item.
Our designing process:
  • Briefing with our Jewellery Specialist
  • Designs drawn up to specification for you to sign off
  • Estimate provided at no obligation
  • Fitting and collection of your bespoke item.
Please call us now on 0135 270058 or email to discuss or make an appointment.