Item Valuation and Insurance

Tempus provide valuations for insurance, probate, replacement and repair purposes. Our valuations are accurate and appropiate for the intended purpose and include a detailed description of each item with clear photographs. We supply two copies of the valuation document; a copy for yourself and a hard copy for your insurance company. If a digital copy if required, please don’t hesitate to request.

All of our valuations are carried out in store. Most valuations, depending on the quantity of items to be valued can be completed within 10 working days.

Other jewellers/worskhops will charge a flat cost + % of the total value + vat.
at tempus we charge a flat price. the item will include a free polish and clean.
  • White gold Jewellery £65 per item (that will include a Rhodium Plate which usually it’s £35.00 on its own so the item will be looking like brand new, if any enquieres are needed. Please ask)
  • Any other jewellery £50 per item (As mentioned that will include full clean and polish)
  • Probate valuation £15.00 per item