Watch Servicing & Repairs

At Tempus we are able to repair most watches including brands such as Rolex, Omega, Breitleing and Cartier depending on the age of the watch and availability of the parts required.

If you have any enquieres in regards to your watch, please call us on 01395270058 or email us at to discuss or bring the pieces into the shop. All the work usually gets carried within the premises, however there may be a delay if we have to supply parts, or we need to test the watch for longer than required.

Work provided within the day
it takes approximately 15-45 minutes
  • Battery Change
  • Battery Change and re-seal
  • Customize bracelet
  • Supply and change bracelet(if available)
  • replacing broken pins
  • Reset timezones
  • Repair or change clasps (if parts available at the time)
work which will take longer time
it takes approximatively 2-10 working days to test and receive an estimate. Once the estimate is agreed a full service or part repair can take between 1-6 weeks. Everything will be discussed with yourselves at the time.
  • Glass replacement
  • Dial restauration and repair
  • Stem and crown replacement
  • Full Service
  • Clean, polish and re-finish bracelet and case
  • Bracelet repair

It is advised that a watch has a full service every 3-5 years approximately.